Wedding Wire recently published a post about a number of ways to save money on your wedding.  Along with their great suggestions, here are a few more:

~Do-It-Yourself (DIY) – while a few tasteful DIY projects can save you money and enhance your overall theme, be careful not to go overboard!  Make your own programs or invitations.  Crafty?  Make your own favors.  Use your imagination but keep it simple enough that the projects won’t stress you out.  Don’t try baking 200 cupcakes the day before your wedding.

~Look for trunk shows, sample sales or other promotions to save on a wedding dress and accessories.

~Non-floral centerpieces can save you a lot of money, especially if you can purchase vases, containers, etc. from other brides.  You know the items have only been used once and you can probably get some great deals.

~Keep track of your spending!  There are budgeting templates out there (or your wedding planner can help!) to help estimate and track your spending.  Knowing all the minor and major expenses will help you see the overall expense.

~Decide what part of your budget is most important to you, then figure out ways to save money in other areas that are not as critical.

Weddings can be expensive but with a bit of strategic budgeting, you can have an elegant wedding of your dreams, within your budget.

See the full Wedding Wire blog post here.